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06: Updates for January 2014

 1. Link your Misc Fee's to specific classes
First, visit the Class Details -> Fees tab found on the same page that you use to setup or edit classes. After you click the Fees tab, you will see two new boxes that can be used to link a Misc Fee to this class.
Select a box, one is Misc Fee Type and the other is the Misc Fees dropdowns. When you select a fee type from the first drop down, then the second dropdown will load all fees related to the selected fee type. If you do not have a Misc Fee Type setup, then the software will display all Misc Fees that you have created.
 2. Add payment credits for overpayments
On your Paid Transactions page you will find a new link for Add Credit beside the Add Refund button.
When you click Add Credit, a box will pop-up for you to enter the credit amount
Once this credit is added, it will display on the Paid Transaction page but the Payment Type shall be “Credit”. The Amount column shall be negative number.
On student’s Statements page, this credit is displayed for the family to see
Student are able to make payments with this credit by checking the box, selecting to make payment by using the credit.
When making a payment on behalf of the students, the credit will automatically be applied to reduce the total by the credit.

07: Updates for March 2014

 1. Student Information report has been updated to a new format
2. Removing students from a class mid-season
The software will now maintain a students history when they are removed from a class. Before this update, the software would remove their payment history. 
After a class has begun, you can visit your Class >> Edit Reg page to remove a student from a class. When you select 'Remove' two messages will pop-up.
The first will notify you that their tuition will be adjusted if removed from the class:
The second will let you choose how to adjust the tuition:
Delete Only After Today will keep any paid or unpaid items saved for this dancer and maintain a record of there time in the class.
Delete All will remove all history of the student being a part of the class, including payments.

08: Updates for May 2014

Dance Studio Magic is proud to introduce our latest addition: Recitals! 
By using Recitals in Dance Studio Magic, you can register your students into recital routines as well as build your entire Recital Schedule!
Click the Learn Now button to learn more about our new exciting addition! 

09: Updates for June 2014

Dance Studio Magic is proud to introduce our latest addition: Permissions
Use our Permissions function to manage what your staff members can do and view in your Studio Account! 
Click the Learn Now button to learn more about our new exciting addition! 

10: Updates for July 2014

Dance Studio Magic has released some new functions for July! 
To learn about all our new July features, click on the Learn button below!
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