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01: How Do I Register for a Competition?

Welcome to DanceComp Genie's support page for how to register to a Competition using DanceComp Genie Studio passport!
If you are unsure whether the competition you are registering to is using DanceComp Genie's registration system, please take a look at the screenshot below: Usually there will be a DanceComp Genie label in the footer of the online registration system. 
To create a new account, follow the steps for Creating a New Account in the Dance Studio Magic article. 
If you already have a DanceComp Genie studio account, then simply log in to begin your registration. 

02: Who & Where

The first page of the registration from is the Who & Where section. This is the page you will use to select the location you would like to attend the event at, as well as add the dancers and teachers who will be attending the competition. 
  1. Choose the location you would like to attend by using the Location drop down list. 
  2. The List-Teachers -- Dancers information paragraph usually includes important information that the competition company would like you to know. Please be sure to read these paragraphs before continuing with your registration. 
  3. The Teachers -- Dancers entry box is what you would use to enter your teachers and dancers by filling out the required information:

    1.  Code: this refers to whether the person you are adding is a teacher or a dancer. It is important to enter this information correctly as a Teacher may not need a date or birth, and would not have "age category" information if the teacher is performing in a routine. 
    2. Fill in the Last Name and First Name in their respective fields of entry. 
    3. The Birth Month, Birth Date, Birth Year, information are important as it is how the system will calculate the age category your dancers belong to. 
    4. Gender specification is required information because certain competitios do generate awards based on gender. 
    5. The Import Multiple Dancers function allows you to upload a .csv document into the system. This will allow you to add a list of dancers and teachers all at once. For a sample.csv file, please click on the Import Multiple Dancers link in the box. You will see a pop up window: 

      1. Studio Dancer's Upload function allows you to import multiple dancers at once. To do this, please download the sample .CSV file provided in the pop up box and save it to your computer. 
      2. Open the .CSV file once download is complete. Fill in the information for each of your dancers following the format provided in the file. Important: You will need to have Microsoft Excel in order to edit and save .CSV documents. 
      3. Once you've added all your dancers into this document, save it in the same .CSV format it was downloaded in. Then you would upload this file from the same pop up window by click on Choose File
      4. Choose File opens a file browers window. Find the .CSV file and upload it. 
      5. click on Submit to complete uploading your dancers. 
    6. When dancers or teachers have been added correctly, they are displayed in the Available Dancers or Teachers column (on the left). 
  4. Available DAncers or Teachers and Performing Dancers or Teachers columns are how you will manage dancers and teachers attending an event. These oclumns are self explanatory; available dancers and teachers are all dancers are teachers who are part of your studio. Performing dancers or teachers are dancers and teachers who will be attending the competition. 

    1.  To register dancers and teachers to a competition, select all the names applicable in the Available column. You can select multiple names at a time by holding down the Shift key or the Ctrl key on your keyboard. Once all attendees are highlighted, click on Add >> to move them to the Performing column.
    2. To remove any dancers or teachers from the Performing column, select them and click on << Remove.
    3. The Edit button allows you to edit and update a specific dancer's information. If you select a dancer and click on Edit., his or her information will populate in the entry box on top. Edit the information as you perfer and click on Update to save the information. 
    4. The Delete button allows you to delete a dancer from the registration form entirely. 
  5. Once you have completed adding dancers and teachers to your registration, click on Start to Add Routines to go to step 2: Add Routines. 

03: Add Routines

The next page in the online registration system is the Add Routines page. Here is where you input the routine information for each one of your registrations. 
  1. To begin adding routines, select an Entry Type (solo, duo, trio, etc) from the drop down list and click on Add New

    1. The next page is the routine details page. Here you must enter in the specific routine information the competiton has requested. Keep in mind that all requested information will need to be filled out before you can proceed to add more routines or to check out. When you've completed filling in the routine information, you must click on Save to save the routine information. After saving a routine, you are redirected to the Add Routines main page to add more routines, edit previoius routines, or proceed to checkout. 
  2. Copy Routines from Other Sources link allows you to copy routines from previous entries that are stored in your Studio account:

    1.  To copy routines from your Studio Center account, you would simply choose the year that the previous routines had been entered. The list of your routines from that year will be displayed in the left window titled Routines From.
    2. Select the routines you would like to transfer. You can select multiple routines by holding down Ctrl on your keyboard.
    3. Once you have the routines selected, click on Add to move them to the window titled Routines to be Copied to.
    4. Click on Confirm and Copy button at the bottom of this page. You will then be taken to the Confirm Entry Details page to confirm the correct entry types. Click on Transfer when you have confirmed: 

    5. The next screen shows you that there are required information that you still need to complete for the routines that you copied over. To do this, you would click on the routines displayed in RED:

    6. You will then be asked to fill out the missing information. Once you have done so, click on Save Routine:

    7. Now that the information have been filled out, you would click on Continue from your Confirm Entry details screen. You will be re-directed to the original screen for Add Routines

  3. Added Entries table displays routines you've added in this session. From this table, you are able to Delete or Edit routines you've previously added. As well, you can use this table to confirm your routines before continuing to checkout. 
To view fee summary, click on View Summary link: 
To proceed to checkout, click on Continue

04: Check Out

The third page of your registration form is your online Check Out page. Here is where you can confirm your registration totals and make payment. 

  1. Amount summary section is where your registration totals are displayed. Please review this section before making payment. 
  2. The comment box area is used for any information you would like the competition director to know regarding your registration. 
  3. Pay by Check is sometimes available, depending on the competition's payment policies. If a comeptition as advertised that they do accept checks, but you do not see this payment option available, please contact the competition staff immediately. To process a check payment, you must first agree to competition terms and policies by ticking off the checkbox beside the "I agree" statement. Then you may click on Complete to process your registration.
  4. Pay by Credit Card is sometimes available, depending on the competition's payment policies. If a competition has advertised that they do accept credit card payments but you do not see this option availabke, please contact the competition immediately. To process an online credit card payment, you must enter your credit card information and billing information. You must also agree to competition terms and polices by ticking off the checkbox beside the "I agree" statement. You can then click on the button Checkout to process your online payment. 

05: Online Registration Is Complete

Once you have processed your payment, you will see the following screen to show you that your registration has been completed: 
From this screen, you can: 
  • View and Print Registration Details
  • Register another event 
  • Go to My Accounts Page
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