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DSM: Add a Student to a Class

 Adding a Student to a Class in Dance Studio Magic

Here are some easy-to-follow instructions on how to create a student account and add a student to a class:


Step 1. Once logged into your account, click the tab labelled Students and then select Accounts on the left-hand side. 


Step 2. Click Add New Account.


Step 3: A page will popup titled Create a Student Account. Fill out the required fields. If the parent or student’s email is unknown, it is okay to make one up because you can change it later.

Note: You will need to remember this email and password in order to login to the account in the future.





After filling out all the information, click Create.




The family account and student(s) belonging to the family should now be visible under the Accounts tab.


Step 4. Click the Classes tab and choose Edit Reg. for the class you wish to add a student to.





Step 5. In the Search bar, type in the name of the student and click Search.





Click the box beside the student’s name and select Add to Class. You can select multiple students by clicking more than one box.






Step 6. Select the student’s name and click Confirm Registration below.





Now you’ll need to confirm and finalize the student fees.

Step 7. There are two ways to get to the student’s fees page. From the Edit Class Registration page, you can select the student’s name and select View Fees.






Or, you can go to the Students tab and select Fees for a specific student.





Step 8. Once at the student’s fees page, you will see three different types of fees.

The Registration Fee is charged only once when the student first registers with the studio.

The Tuition Fee is charged for registering in classes.

The Misc. Fee is for any other fees your studio may charge (example: Costume Fee).




To confirm the Registration Fee, click Confirm Fee on the left-hand side.

If the student pays the registration fee by cash in the studio, you can enter this into the system by going to the Incomplete Transactions tab and clicking Make Payment on Behalf of Student.





Step 9. Check the Tuition Fee by selecting Monthly Details.




This will bring up a window that looks like this:


1. Amount shows the amount for each payment and allows you to edit the payments.

2. This tab displays the date the payment is due OR the date the payment will be automatically charged to the student’s credit card.

3. The Delete All option allows you to delete all the payments. (If you delete $100 of payments, Unscheduled Fees will show $100.)

4. Manually Create Term Payment allows you to create a manual payment schedule. For example, if the client wishes to pay in full at one time, you can click Delete All to remove the individual payments. Then select Manually Create Term Payment and enter the total amount of Unscheduled Fees.

5. By checking the boxes under the Have Check heading, you are confirming that you have received post-dated checks for the correct amounts.



Note: If a student registers in a class from their account, you do not need to complete Steps 1-3. Start from Step 4 and the student’s name will already be in the Registered section (see Step 6).  Now you can proceed with the rest of the Steps. 


Now you have completed all the steps of adding a student to a class. From the student’s account, the class will be displayed as Confirmed in the student’s class schedule.

DSM: Edit Automated Emails

Editing Automated Emails in Dance Studio Magic


In your Dance Studio Magic account, you will find there are automated emails that get sent out with certain actions.

To access these emails, login to your Dance Studio Magic account and click the Account & Setup page. From here, choose the tab titled Emails Format.



You will see the following page:



From here, you are able to edit the content of the messages that get sent to your parents and students.

You will notice in many places, text appears like this {RecieveNoticeFullName}. This is called a token and it is used to pull dynamic information to be used in the email. That is, the name of the account holder (student or parent) will be entered in place of this token when the email gets sent.

If you want, you can move the tokens around in the body of the email, or add the same token more than once. Be sure to follow the exact format as given below.

 Your Dance Studio Magic account allows you to edit these emails to suit your preferences and personal style, just be sure to keep the tokens the same!

DSM: Import Multiple Students Using Excel

This area of How To explains the excel document for your Multiple Students Import function that was covered earlier in Dance Studio Magic: Accounts
For the purpose of clarity, we will break down the wide excel sample document into separate sections from left to right.
Student’s Name
The first section we will cover is the specific STUDENT name information:
From columns A to D, you should fill out the name of the students you are adding. Notice here that you have an option to give a preferred name. You should us one line per student. Notice here that line 2 and line 4 have the same last name—they are siblings.
Address Information
The second section, from columns E to J, you will enter the student’s address information:
Because it is possible for a student to have separate address for either parent, you have a Father Address column as a secondary address. For the City, State, Zip Code and Country columns, you should use these in conjunction with Mother Address.
The next four columns allow you to input the names of both parents and a guardian. As well as the contact email address for the first person to contact:
Notice here that Guardian can be a separate person from the parents. The Guardian email you enter here will by this parent account's email/username & temporary password. The same account may have multiple dancers under it. This is because it is possible for one parent have more than one child registered to your studio. Notice again here that line 2 and line 4 are the same person. This is because John Doe and Joe Doe are siblings. If you are entering multiple dancers for the same parent, please enter the same Guardian Email and parent information for each dancer to ensure data conformity.
Important: The Guardian Email field is required. As well there must be at least one column filled out between Guardian, Mother or Guardian and Father. These three fields cannot all be empty. 
Financial Responsibility and Contact
The next two columns are financial contact information of the account. Here you can input a different email address and a different name for the person financially responsible for this account. 
Contact Information 
The next four oclumsn allow you to input an emergency contact person for a student. You are also able to input contact numbers. These numbers should be used for the parents' contact numbers. 
Student Information 
These last columns are used to enter a student's information. Some information are required, some are not: 
The BirthDate and Gender columns are usually required. The information entered here are used for when you are registering your students to competitions, so it is advisable to fill these columns out completely.
The Grade and School, Previous Dance Training & Previous Dance Training Address columns are not necessary to be filled out, but they are helpful columns that allow you to keep track of this information.
You've now completed the Import Multiple Students using Excel tutorial!

DSM: Post Registrations On My Website

Opening My Classes to be Registered to Online

 Ready to open online registrations? With Dance Studio Magic, you can post your available classes online. 
Step 1. Log into your Dance Studio Magic Account by clicking HERE.
Step 2. You must first confirm all your classes are set up correctly. You can do this by going to Classes and viewing your class list.
(Click HERE for instructions on how to create or edit classes): 
Step 3. Once you've confirmed that your classes are set up correctly, go to Publish Classes:
 Step 4. Use the filters to choose which classes you prefer to display. If you wish to display all of the classes you've created,
you would keep each selection at "All". 
Note: The Location, Season, Classroom and Day filters allow you to filter down to specific classes. Currently you
are only able to select one option per filter. Programs, Categories and Displayed Fields filters allows you to filter classes by more than one selection.
Step 4. When you have set your perimeters, click on Generate Code and the HTML code will be generated in the box below: 
Step 5. Click on View Sample to view how your class list would be displayed:
Another page will open, displaying your current class list:
Notice that under the Action column, there is a Register link for dancers and parents. 
Step 6. Once you've confirmed the list of classes you'd like to display on your website, you can copy the generated HTML code. 
At this point, if you have a web administrator who manages your website, you can send the HTML code to the web admin.
If you manage your own website, you can simply paste the HTML code into the body of the page of your own choosing. 

Feel freel to contact for assistance! 


Registering to Competition

Click HERE to download DanceComp Genie Studio Registration: Competition
Click HERE to download Adobe PDF Reader. 
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