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05: Updates for November 2013

Happy November, everyone! Welcome to yet another exciting DSM Update! 
  1. Search for Students under Accounts feature

    Dance Studio Magic has improved our process of searching for a student's parent account under Students >> Accounts! Now you are able to simply type in a student's first or last name in order to pull up the student's parent account under Student >> Accounts:


  2. Over Payment Warning for Parents 

    In a parent's Dance Studio Magic account, it is possible for a parent to display all up-coming fees and it is also possible for parents to place a large payment all at once. This setup also allows for the possibility for a parent to mistakenly make payments too far in advance. Now there is a warning message for parents when the system detects payments being made in advance:

    This warning message is to prevent parents from accidentally making a large payment.

  3. Last Name, First Name Display for Reports 

    As per popular request, our Dance Studio Magic reports have now been updated to display students by Last Name first. 

    Attendance Sheet:

    Classes Report:

    Financial Report: 

    The Reports affected are Classes Report, Attendance Sheet, and Financial Report. These reports can all be found under Classes >> Reports

  4. View Financial Report by Student

    There is now an option to view your Financial Report by either Student Name, or Parent Name.

    Simply access the Report page by going to Classes >> Reports and use the Change Setting function to choose which name to display on your financial reports. 


  5. Transfer Students to Competitions by Student List

    You're now able to transfer your competitive students to DanceComp Genie Competition registration page by selecting the group of students without going to their individual classes!

    Simply go to your Students page to do this. You are able to filter your student list by their Status as well as Dancer Type. Then, when you have the list of students you wish to transfer display on the page, you can use the Check All option before selecting Transfer to DCG? This will transfer all selected students automaticaly to your DanceComp Genie Competition Registration account. 

  6. Publish Classes

    In November, we have two new updates to our Publish Classes section. 

    a) First, you are now able to create multiple "Publish Classes" codes and save them for future use. Simply enter a name for the code you wish to save, and click on Generate Code to save the generateded code. 

    Now that you've saved the code for future use, you have the capability to switch between previously saved code and Adding a New code:

    b) The second update to our Publish Classes feature is a slight tweak to our "Spaces Available" display. Now the Spaces Available feature will only display remaining seats if there are less than 5 spaces remaining: 

    Remember, you are always able to remove the Spaces Available column from display if you do not wish to display any remaining spaces. 

  7. NEW Auto-Confirm Class Registration Feature

    By far our most exciting update this month! Now studios will no longer be required to "Confirm Class Registration" for classes that are registered under certain circumstances. 

    Previously, all incoming class registration requests required the studio to log in and confirm registration, even if the studio owner proactively registered the student. This confirmation process traditionally took place here:

    Dance Studio Magic took your feed back and we've now made the Confirm Registration process much more intelligent. That is to say, there are now two different ways for class registration to be automatically confirmed: 

    i) If a studio enters a student into a class via Edit Registration OR Assign Classes page, that registration will be auto-confirmed. The idea behind this setting is that if a student were registered by the studio, than registration confirmation should be bypassed: 

    ii) The second circumstance of an auto-confirmation bypass is when the Studio Confirms Fees for a particular student who registered through a parent account. The idea behind this bypass is that if the studio is ready to confirm a student's fees, then it is safe to assume that the student's class registration should be confirmed as well: 

    Now that you've learned about the new auto-confirm features, definitely give these a try on any new registrations you've received this season. 

Thank you for joining us for November's updates to Dance Studio Magic. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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