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04: Updates for October 2013 Part 2

Happy Halloween! October has been a busy month for us here at Dance Studio Magic and we have some more DSM items to show you! 
  1. Classes Enrollments Overview

    It is now easier to keep track of new enrollments to your classes with a Time Stamp in your Classes Enrollments Overview window. 

    With this new addition, you are now able to keep track of when each studio has submitted a registration for your classes. Notice in this window, the most recent enrollment will display at the top. 

  2. Print Student Information

    You're now able to print a student's account information for record-keeping with the new Print function on a Student's Information Page! 

    You can find this page by clicking Student, then click on the name of the student you'd like to display. When you click on the Print link, you will be able to print this page in the same way you would normally print from your browser. 

  3. Payment Gateway Testing

    You are now able to test your online merchant portal within your DSM account! With DSM, you are able to set up either an Authorize.NET account or an PayPal account for your online transactions. We've now implemented a Testing Function to help you test the connection between your DSM account and your Online Merchant account once you've set up the two to connect. 

    This function can be found under Account & Setup >> Accept Payments

    Once you've set up your Authorize.NET account or PayPal Pro account to connect to your DSM, simply test the transaction process by using a credit card before going live with your class enrollment! 

  4.  Register New Classes

    This new addition is the most exciting one for this latest update! 

    Previously, Parents and Dancers may have had difficulty finding where to enrol for classes from their Dance Studio Magic account. This is why DSM has since then added a new section inside a parent's Dance Studio Magic account that would allow them to easily navigate to class enrollment. 

    The new Register New Classes tab can be found in a Parent's DSM account: 

    By clicking on the Register New Classes link, the parent will be taken to the same screen to search for your Studio:

    At which point, they can click on Class Registreation to begin the registration process:

    Now the parent will be able to follow the usual process for enrolling to your classes! 
Thank you for joining us for our DSM update! Have a safe Halloween! 

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