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02: Updates September 2013



1.       Changes to Auto Charge Mode 

If you click the Students tab and select Fees to the left of a student's name, you will find the fees for that student.



Under Tuition Fee on the left side of the page, there is an option to Set to Auto Charge Mode.
















You can now select this automatic payment method before the family has added a credit card to their account. If you choose Set to Auto Charge Mode and the family has not added a payment

method once the payment has been processed, they will be sent an email notification of failed payment, which includes instructions for how to add a credit card and complete their payment.

This change is more convenient for both you and your families, as it allows you to set up automatic payment methods without having to wait for families to make changes to their accounts first.



2.       Fees Selection Popup

When adding a new class, after inputting the Class Details and selecting Add Class, you will receive a popup message and be automatically redirected to the tab labelled Fees (beside Class Details)

in order to select tuition fees for that class.



After being redirected to the fees page, simply select your tuition method. Previously, the system would not allow you to save without selecting a tuition fee.

Therefore, this change simplifies the process of creating a new class by taking you to the next required area.



3.       Student Status 

On your list of students under the Students tab, there is now a Status for each student. If a student is labelled Active, it means he or she is currently registered in a class.

If the student is Inactive, he or she has an account with the studio but is not registered in a class. This change more clearly displays how many students are registered in classes (Active).











        4. Siblings Area on Student Information page

 If you click the Students tab and select a student, you will find the Student Information page.



At the bottom of this page, you will now find the siblings of that student, whether or not they are registered in classes.


In addition, the status of the student is now visible at the top of this page.















5.       Class Information Popup 

When you go to the Students tab and select Fees of a particular student, under Tuition Fee you will find the Class Name. Now you are able to click the name of a class and an information page for that class will pop up.





















6.     Class List Section on Class Information

When you go to the Classes tab and select a class to view the Class Information, you will notice a Class List on the right-hand side of the page. Now you can easily access the

Class Information pages for your other classes by selecting them on the list.







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