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01: Updates August 2013


1. Now, you can create multiple registration fees for different seasons. If you have more than one season, they will be listed on the Season List on the left box. When you create a new fee, you can apply it to a season by moving that season from the left box to the right box. See screenshot below.



2.  Added "Print Student Info" button on the "Students" page to provide a report for all students and their joined classes.



3. Added "Class Code" field for classes. This code will be randomly generated by default. However, you can change it to your desired code format.

This code will show under each class’s name on the Classes page.







4. On Students page, you can click a student name to view or modify this student’s details. Important! Due to privacy issue, there are some rules for this.


If a student only joined your classes, then you will be able to change this student’s info.

If a student is not only registered to your classes, but also registered to another studio’s classes, then you cannot modify this student information, you can only view it. 



5. Added search feature on the classes list page, studio can now search classes by class or student name.


6. Added "Misc Fee Type" management feature for Misc Fees. You will be able to save all kinds of misc. fee types and then select a type when you create a new fee. 

You will also be able to use this as a filter to print your financial report.



7. Added "Dancer Type" feature on the Location/Season/Classroom setting page.


If you enter dancer types, you will be able to set different price structure for each dancer type on the Tuitions page.

Then you can define class’s tuition fees to be based on the dancer type. 


If your tuition fee is not based on different dancer types, there is no need to set this up. Just leave it as is.




8. Added restriction to change class fee setting (Class details -> Fees tab). If a class has one or more students registered, and these students are not all in withdraw list, you cannot change the price for this class.


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