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06: View & Edit My Competition Registrations

Viewing My Competition Registrations

When you've completed a registration, you are able to see your entries by clicking on the View Entries while still on the competition's website. From this screen you can view all of your registrations to that specific competition. It is possible to have multiple registrations for each competition. 
You are also able to view your registrations from My Studio Center >> Competition >> 2. View Submitted Entries:
Add New Registration is the link you should use if you would like to add another registration to the same competition. As well, if there are routines you've forgotten to add, you can still register them by adding a new registration to this competition--the routines will still be received as from the same studio. If you are adding the same routines from one location to another, you should use: 
Copy to Another Location link under the Action column allows you to copy the same routines to another location for this competition. 
View Registered Routines link displays a list of the routines you've registered for a particular registration. 
Print Invoice link displays a printable invoice of the registration. 

Editing My Competition Registrations

Once a registration is processed and the Status column displays "Done", you will not be able to edit that registration. However, you can contact the competition company in order to make changes. Certain companies will choose to make these changes on your behalf, or they may choose to "unlock" the registration to allow you to make changes.
If the edits you are wanting to make involving adding more routines for the same location, you can simply follow the process for Add New Registration to register the routines you've forgotten to the same location. As long as you are using the same studio account to register these extra routines, all of your registration data will be gathered under the same account. 
You've now completed registering to your first competition! 

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