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DSM: Edit Automated Emails

Editing Automated Emails in Dance Studio Magic


In your Dance Studio Magic account, you will find there are automated emails that get sent out with certain actions.

To access these emails, login to your Dance Studio Magic account and click the Account & Setup page. From here, choose the tab titled Emails Format.



You will see the following page:



From here, you are able to edit the content of the messages that get sent to your parents and students.

You will notice in many places, text appears like this {RecieveNoticeFullName}. This is called a token and it is used to pull dynamic information to be used in the email. That is, the name of the account holder (student or parent) will be entered in place of this token when the email gets sent.

If you want, you can move the tokens around in the body of the email, or add the same token more than once. Be sure to follow the exact format as given below.

 Your Dance Studio Magic account allows you to edit these emails to suit your preferences and personal style, just be sure to keep the tokens the same!


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