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05: How Do I Transfer Students from DSM to DCG?

One of the ways your Dance Studio Magic account works with your DanceComp Genie account is the ability to transfer dancers from DSM to DCG easily.
This article will show you how to save your dancers in two places: Dance Studio Magic and DanceComp Genie.
DSM allows you to manage you students that are registered for classes at your dance studio, and DCG allows you to register those same students in competitions and conventions. 
Here is how to do it:
1. Login to your Dance Studio Magic account
2. Click on the Classes tab to go to your main Classes list
3. Find the class that you want to transfer students to your DanceComp Genie account
4. Click Transfer to DCG 
5. Now, click the Convention & Competition tab
6. Click Dancers
When you transfer dancers to DCG, they will populate in this list. 

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