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DSM: Post Registrations On My Website

Opening My Classes to be Registered to Online

 Ready to open online registrations? With Dance Studio Magic, you can post your available classes online. 
Step 1. Log into your Dance Studio Magic Account by clicking HERE.
Step 2. You must first confirm all your classes are set up correctly. You can do this by going to Classes and viewing your class list.
(Click HERE for instructions on how to create or edit classes): 
Step 3. Once you've confirmed that your classes are set up correctly, go to Publish Classes:
 Step 4. Use the filters to choose which classes you prefer to display. If you wish to display all of the classes you've created,
you would keep each selection at "All". 
Note: The Location, Season, Classroom and Day filters allow you to filter down to specific classes. Currently you
are only able to select one option per filter. Programs, Categories and Displayed Fields filters allows you to filter classes by more than one selection.
Step 4. When you have set your perimeters, click on Generate Code and the HTML code will be generated in the box below: 
Step 5. Click on View Sample to view how your class list would be displayed:
Another page will open, displaying your current class list:
Notice that under the Action column, there is a Register link for dancers and parents. 
Step 6. Once you've confirmed the list of classes you'd like to display on your website, you can copy the generated HTML code. 
At this point, if you have a web administrator who manages your website, you can send the HTML code to the web admin.
If you manage your own website, you can simply paste the HTML code into the body of the page of your own choosing. 

Feel freel to contact for assistance! 


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