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02: Who & Where

Once you've logged into the Convention registration system, the first page you will see is the Who & Where form. Here is where you will choose the location you are registering to and where you will be adding the teachers and students who are attending an event. 

  1. Location drop down list is what you would be using to select the event you are registering to. 
  2. List Teachers - Dancers information paragraph usually includes important information that the Convention Company would like you to know. Please be sure to read these paragraphs before continuing with your registration.
    1.  Teacher - Dancers entry box is where you can enter your teachers and dancers by filling out the required information. 
      1. Code refers to whether the person you are adding is a teacher or a dancer. It is important to enter this information correctly as a Teacher may not need a date of birth, and would not have "age category". As well, Convenntions usually have different pricing set up for Teachers. 
      2. Fill in the Last Name and First Name in their respective fields of entry. 
      3. Birth Month, Birth Date, Birth Year information are important as these are used for the Convention Company to calculate age category of your dancers. 
      4. Gender is required information. 
      5. Dancer Type refers to the level of the dancer you are ading. Sometimes registration fee for a Convention is related to the Dancer Type you've selected for a Dancer. 
      6. Click Add once you have completed the dancer/teacher information fields. When dancers or teachers have been added correctly, they are displayed in the Available Dancers or Teachers column (on the left). 
  3. Available Dancers, Teachers and Assistant Teachers and Attending Dancers, Teachers and Assistant Teachers columns are how you will manage dancers and teachers attending an event. These columns are self explanatory; available dancers and teachers are all dancers and teachers who are part of your studio, and attending dancers and teachers are all dancers and teachers who will be attending the Convention. 
    1. To register dancers and teachers to a convention, select all the names applicabine in the Available column. You can select multiple names at a time by holding down the Shift key or the Ctrl key on your keboard. Once all attendees are highlighted, click on Add >> to move them to the Attending column. 
    2. To remove any dancers or teachers from the Attending column, select them and click on << Remove
    3. The Edit button allows you to edi and update a specific dancer's information. If you select a dancer and click on Edit, his or her information will populate in the entry box on top. Edit the information as you perfer and click on Update to save the information. 
    4. The Delete button deletes a dancer from the registration form. However if this dancer has registeration data attached in your studio account, then you would not be able to delete him/her entirely.
  4. Once you have completed adding dancers and teachers to your registration, click Continue to go to step 2: Coupon.  

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